Our Story





Adj. (of a person or their body) Thin, Supple, and Graceful.

Lissome Athletics was made with one idea in mind. We call it Creating Styles, While Building Personalities. Here at Lissome Athletics its our common goal to provide each person with the Highest Quality Men's and Women's Leisure and Athletic Wear that they can wear for any occasion at any time. We like Simplicity at Lissome. Creating stylish outfits that are simple to wear for the everyday person. 

Each team member is brought together by our core values. Connecting People, Creating Styles, Building Personalities, and Envisioning our future! We all work extremely hard to provide each and everyone of you an easy, simple, and helpful shopping experience as well as help you add on to your existing style, create your new style and build your personality.

Clothing is more than just something that we wear on our backs. It's what we wear on our backs! It's the little things that define us as an individual and define who we are as people. We like to think of clothing as a way to express our self. It's something that is true to our hearts and runs through blood. Fashion is our Passion here at Lissome Athletics!  


Our Core Values:

Recognize Talent                                                                                                      

  -Talent is all around us and comes in many shapes and sizes.                                                                                             -"Your greatest talent is so much more powerful than your biggest fear."

Take Risks                                                                                                                 

 -Take chances on people. Own your decisions, commit then follow though.                                                                         -Challenge the status quo to evolve. Don't fear change, fear not changing.                                                                           - Convert your ideas into reality with strategy and and a clear vision.                                                                                   -There is always a smarter and better way. Learn to evolve.

Commit to Yourself                                                                                                   

-You are responsible for your own growth, and fulfillment. Never stop learning.                                                                  -Never get comfortable in a single spot. Master it, then move on.                                                                                        -You are in control of how you show up to the world. Give yourself permission to bloom wildly without regret.                -Make and encourage genuine connections. Learn who is around you and work together.


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