A Message from our CEO

Dear DesigneWear family,

I believe it goes without saying that this past year has been long and tiring with many life changing events for all. I am no exception. 

After taking time to reflect on these last few months I have come back with a whole new deck of cards to deal. As my life and career goals stay the same, it's the steps that will get me and my team there that is changing.

Throughout my experience I have learned that in every situation whether it's good or bad, there is always something worth taking away. The important thing is what we take away from these situations; the tools and the knowledge that is derived from this to be put towards our new paths and beginnings, is what will set us up for our success. I am led each day by my experiences, values and constructed culture, my north star will lead the rest. 

I have shaped and stuck by specific core values that not only lead in the work environment but lead in life, by not only providing a purpose to a staff member or customer but also connecting personalities and building bridges for people.

This life for me will constantly be filled with new beginnings, small and large. I am excited as this journey continues and new steps are taken. I want to thank all who have stuck by us through this journey. The future is bright.


Thank you,