"Look in the mirror. That is your competition" 

I heard this quote and I personally couldn't agree more. Each day we are given a chance to become even better than the last. So I often question, why aren't we? Whats stopping us? And it's not what is stopping us of achieving better but its what why is it stopping us from achieving better. We get lost in this mindset of how great other people are that we think we cant be like that. Not true. it takes effort and time.

We are all surrounded in a world where growth and evolution is around us in everything. People, places, things.. It's the inevitable world we live in. Yet we seldom realize that none of that matters. If we can wake up and look in the mirror, look at ourselves eye to eye and not think "how can I do better today" than we are focused on the wrong things. Our competition isn't always everyone else but more so ourselves. It's the idea that waking up each day provides us with the eligibility to better ourselves, and to create and destroy that competition of who you are in the given day. We are so focused on how other people grow and how well they are doing.

Yet in true reality, the ones who are growing themselves and mostly at a rapid pace are the ones who aren't focusing on the "other competition" but focusing on themselves getting better. Matthew McConaughey said "I'm never gonna be my hero. I'm not gonna to attain that. I know I'm not, and thats just fine with me because that keeps me with somebody to keep on chasing" When I heard this I thought how trying to become a something we are not is a journey, and trying to be the best is impossible, because there is always better. Better might be you. But you can still get better.

I try less and less to focus on what or who my competition is because thats not as important as who I am trying to become. Each day I ask that when you wake up, look into the mirror, and ask yourself. How can I better than yesterday? And doing that, being better than you yesterday is not hard. You just have to take action on it.

I have personally experienced and learn so much over the years and continue to do so. My goals are not to compete with other great people, but to compete with myself on that continuous growth and development of myself every day.  

Be better not for everyone else but for yourself.